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In Stock: TJ0100 ThermJet Burner, 1MM Btu/Hr, Silicon Carbide Combustor

Item Code: TJ0100-A2AHSCNC4E2VSN0

In Stock  

This burner is 1,000,000 Btu/hr and High velocity. It has the Silicon Carbide Combustor. This firing tube is extremely durable and long lasting.


This burner:  


Special Options?: No

Key Number: TJ0100

Preheat Temperature: A - No Preheat Ambient

Furnace Temperature: 2 - Furnace 1750 Degrees F to 2500 Degrees F

Firing Position: A - Horizontal or Vertical Up

Burner Style: H - High Velocity

Outlet Combustor Type: SC - Silicon Carbide

Fuel Type: N - Natural Gas (CH4)

Gas Orifice: C4 - 18.0mm

Air Orifice: E2 - 57.0mm

Flame Supervision: V - Extended 3/4 inch UV Scanner Adapter Only

Nozzle Material: S - Standard Nozzle Piping

Connection: N - NPT Gas

Orientation: 0 - Gas Inlet at 0 Degrees with Air Inlet at 0 Degrees

(Weight 46#), Eclipse Inc.,









ThermJet is a direct fire, nozzle-mix burner that is designed to fire an intense stream of hot gases through a high velocity nozzle. The extremely high velocity of the gases improves temperature uniformity, product quality, and system efficiency. ThermJet is available in either high velocity or medium velocity versions in 14 sizes. ThermJet can be adapted to operate with either ambient or preheated combustion air.

The ThermJet burner comes in two types:

• High Velocity (HV)

• Medium Velocity (MV)

Nozzle are available in:

  • High Temperature Alloy
  • Very Durable Silicon Carbide

Information is available in Datasheets 205-1 through 205-13.