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Product Documentation:

Siemens LME71.000A2, Flame Safeguard Unit. 220 Vac, CE Approved

Item Code: LME71.000A2

Flame Safeguard, without actuator control, without self-check scanner capability, 110V

Integrated in the LME71 basic unit are:

  • Burner control, Programmable Purge, P.O.C, TFI for pilot and main, Air Flow Switch
  • Parameters are Password Protected By OEM
  • Lockout reset button (info button)
  • 3 multi color signal lamp LED for operations, recycle and fault notifications
  • Recycle function
  • Air pressure supervision with function check of air pressure switch during start and switch operation (gas).

The LME7 is a microprocessor-based burner control with matching system components for the control and supervision of forced draft burners of medium to high capacity. LME7 are used for the startup and supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas forced draft burners in intermittent operation. The flame supervision supervised with ionization probe optional with UV flame detector QRA2, QRA4.U or QRA10.