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XPV21-5 - Algas Natural Gas Replacement System, 480/3/60 - Call For Pricing!

Item Code: XPV21-5

Call For Pricing


Call For Pricing!

XPV21.5 Packaged Natural Gas Replacement System - 2.28 Mmbtu/H, 25 Gph


  • Explosion proof configuration meets Class I, Division 1, Group D as defined by NFPA Pamphlets 58 and 70.
  • Thermal efficiency exceeds 98%.
  • UL Stamped safety relief valve 250 psig.
  • Simple push-button operation.
  • Adjustable mixed gas delivery pressures are available between: 4-5 psig, 6-8 psig, 9-10 psig, and 11-12 psig for propane.
  • Low vapor pressure safety switch prevents rich mixtures from developing.
  • 100% turndown capability, on all models.
  • High mixed gas pressure safety switch prevents over pressurization of mixed gas accumulator.
  • Shipped complete with all operating and safety controls.
  • Accumulator tanks are fabricated and stamped in accordance with ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1.
  • Tank Design Pressure: 200 psig at 650°F. All models include venturi silencer for quiet operation.


  • Auto Restart.
  • Remote Control Panel.
  • Spare Parts Kit.