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MTR DMA 12C120

Item Code: 267252

Product Documents

MTR DMA 12C120 (267252) - 12 Second 90 Degree Stroke 25 in-lbs. torque 120 Vac (+10% / -15%) 50 – 60 Hz, 20 VA NEMA Type 1 Replaces: 46050-2 Description The DUNGS DMA actuator drives CCW from 0° to 90° via a 4 - 20 mA input signal. The DMA is available in three different fixed speeds: 6, 12, and 30 seconds. The DMA has one independent, field adjustable auxiliary SPDT switch and two field adjustable end of travel switches. 4-20 mA feedback can be used to drive a slave motor (3 actuators maximum) in parallel. Maximum stroke (Y Max; span) is adjustable from 25Ý to 90Ý, and minimum stroke (Y min; zero) is adjustable from 0Ý to 75% of set span. Application When mounted on the DUNGS DMK butterfly control valve, the DMA is used to automatically modulate the amount of natural gas, butane, propane and/or air supplied to a gas burning piece of equipment. Specifications Electrical Ratings 110 – 120 Vac 50 – 60 Hz Power Rating Holding: Max. 2.0 VA Operation: Max. 5.4 VA Enclosure Rating NEMA Type 1 (NEMA Type 4 with optional cover D240456) Electrical Connection Screw Terminals with ½” NPT conduit connection Operation Time 100% Duty cycle Ambient Temperature Rating -15 F to +120 F (-10 C to +50 C) (End of Travel) Switches (ST) Two Field Adjustable Switches: Min. and Max: Limit Stroke of actuator Auxiliary Switch (MV) One SPDT, Field adjustable switch. 1.5 A resistive, 1.5 A FLA, 9 A LRA, 120 Vac CCW Stroke as viewed from the bottom on increasing input signal.