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SMJ-121220 - Eclipse Combustion Blower 163,000 scfh @ 28" w.c., 20 HP *READY TO SHIP TODAY*

Item Code: SMJ121220


  • High efficiency
  • Heavy gauge steel base and housing
  • Aluminum impellers balanced statically and dynamically
  • Matching air filters available
  • Changeable outlet positions

Product Documents

SMJ121220  163,000 scfm @ 28" WC, 1.0 SF

                   200,000 scfm @ 26" WC, 1.15 SF

The Eclipse SMJ Blower is the most versatile and user-friendly blower on the market. It can be used for cooling, conveying, drying, liquid agitation, smoke abatement, vacuum cleaning, flume and dust exhausting, and other low-temperature applications. What makes the SMJ Blower more versatile than its competition is its superior design, which features a heavy-gauge steel base and housing, aluminum impellers that are balanced statically and dynamically, and a revamped fan housing that allows the end-user to reconfigure the blower in the field by changing the direction of the fan’s rotation. The outlet couplings on this blower model have also been replaced with flanges to make the blower easier to handle during installation.