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Protectofier Full Repair Kit

Item Code: 1001-c


Protectofier Full Repair Kit

This Protectofier Repair Kit C includes 1 Flame Pak, 2 ACF Relays, 1 SS3CP Transformer, 1 Neon Bulb and Free Removal Tool

This has all the parts to keep your full panel running. All brand new OEM Parts for your 6642 and 7256 Protectofier


Parts Qty
Flame Pak 1
ACF Relay 2
SS3CP Transformer 1
NE51H Neon Bulb 1
FREE Flame Pak/ACF Relay Removal Tool 1

SS100A Flame Pak

Protection Controls, PCI.

Plug in electronic sensing unit provides immediate response via the Flame rectification principle. Sensing is achieved either by a flame rod which creates a DC signal to the Flame-Pak, or by the PCII P-C II U-V scanner in which a DC signal is developed by an Ultra-Violet sensitive tube.

ACF Relay

Solid state module contains entire electronic circuit to supervise one burner-no components under chassis! Compact units provide exceptionally reliable operation, long service life, and interchangeable for easy plug-in servicing.

SS3CP Transformer

The SS3CP Plug-in Transformer provides low voltage for Flame-Pak circuit and power source for E and UV terminals.

NE51H Neon Bulb

This Flame Response light is energized when flame is present.

Flame-Pak/Relay Removal Tool

This tool helps hold the tabs back on the board so the ACF Relay and Flame Pak can be removed easily.