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Protectofier Partial Repair Kit A

Item Code: 1001-a


Protectofier Partial Repair Kit A

This Protectofier Repair Kit A includes 1 Flame Pak, 2 ACF Relays, and Free Removal Tool
Parts Qty
Flame Pak 1
ACF Relay 2
FREE Flame Pak/ACF Relay Removal Tool 1

SS100A Flame Pak

Protection Controls, PCI.

Plug in electronic sensing unit provides immediate response via the Flame rectification principle. Sensing is achieved either by a flame rod which creates a DC signal to the Flame-Pak, or by the PCII P-C II U-V scanner in which a DC signal is developed by an Ultra-Violet sensitive tube.

ACF Relay

Solid state module contains entire electronic circuit to supervise one burner-no components under chassis! Compact units provide exceptionally reliable operation, long service life, and interchangeable for easy plug-in servicing.

Flame-Pak/Relay Removal Tool

This tool helps hold the tabs back on the board so the ACF Relay and Flame Pak can be removed easily.