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Dresser Micro Series Volume Corrector Model IMC/W2

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Item Code: IMC/W2-PTZ


8C175IMCW2 Roots Gas Meter

  • Max Flow: 800 CUFH (8 Hundred Thousand BTU)
  • 2 Inch 150# Flanges
  • Max Pressure:175 PSI
  • Corrected Pressure & Temperature
  • 5 to 7 Year Battery Operated Digital Display
  • Output = 1 Pulse Per 10 CUFH
  • 4 Ounce Meter Oil Included


Pressure & Temperature Compensation. View both Compensated & Non-Compensated readings with the 8C175IMCW2 Roots Gas Meter. Ultimately this is very helpful in pressure and temperature changes that drastically affect meter readings. For example, a 5 PSI line pressure can throw off readings as much as one-third. For this reason, the IMC/W2 Micro Corrector versions can be crucial for truly accurate gas measurement.