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#400 IMC/W2-PTZ Micro Corrector

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Item Code: 057456-100


Features Include: "¢ Rotating Index Makes Meter Reading Easier, Especially In Non-Typical Installations "¢ Uncorrected Instantaneous Flow Rate Displayed On Lcd Aids Meter Differential Testing In The Field. "¢ The Smartprove €Ž¢ Interface Not Only Reduces Meter And Corrector Test Times By As Much As 90%, But Allows The Meter And Corrector To Be Tested As A Complete Measurement System. This Feature Is Unique To Dresser! "¢ User Selectable Trim Table Improves Rotary Meter Accuracy At Flow Rates Less Than 10% Of Meter Qmax, Adding Revenue To The Utility"„¢S Bottom Line. "¢ Micro Generator €Ž¢ Adds Years To Main Battery Life, Extending The Interval Between Battery Changes. "¢ Simple User Terminal Software Allows For Easy Configuration, Calibration And Data Log Downloads. Pressure & Temperature Compensation, Hourly/Daily/Monthly Logs, Pulse Output, Mounts Directly On Roots Series B3 Meters 8C-16M, 056730-100,056730-400 Click Here To Download The Technical Bulletin.