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Roots Meter Oil, Gallon

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Item Code: 056239-400




For use in ROOTS® rotary gas meters

Flash Point: 275° F

1 Gallon

128 U.S. Ounces


ARG ISO VG 15          Mixture            100

1) Petroleum               64742-58-1       95-100


2) Additive Package       Mixture         <5



ATTENTION: This container is hazardous when emptied.

Since empty containers retain product residue (liquid or

vapor) hazard precautions must be observed.


CAUTION: Keep away from flame and heat.


EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush with large quantities

of water for at least 15 minutes and call a physician.


SKIN CONTACT: Remove excess with cloth or paper.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water.


INHALATION:  Victim should seek out fresh air. Call a physician.


INGESTION: Call a physician immediately. DO NOT induce

vomiting! (Vomiting may cause aspiration into lungs

resulting in chemical pneumonia).


NOTE: Refer to ARG Material Safety Data Sheet for additional

health, safety and precautionary information. 


Product Code: H44 7360