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GAO-A2-4-6 (266917) - 12” W.C. to 60” W.C.; High or Low; Automatic reset SPDT Sw 10A @ 120 Vac 8A FLA, NEMA Type 4 Formerly: 217-088A Description The DUNGS GAO (Automatic Reset), GMH (High Manual Reset), and GML (Low Manual Reset) A2 pressure switches are compact pressure switches for DUNGS modular valve train components. A2 pressure switches are suitable for making and/or breaking a circuit when the medium pressure changes relative to the set point. The set point can be set in the field by an adjustable dial with an integrated scale. Application The DUNGS GAO, GMH, and GML A2 pressure switches are recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications with DUNGS DMV dual modular valves and DUNGS FRI modular pressure regulators. The GAO, GMH, and GML A2 pressure switches are suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases. Specifications Max. Operating pressure - GAO; GMH; and GML A2-4-2,3,4,5,6 7 PSI (500 Mbar) - GAO, GMH and GML A2-4-8 14 PSI (1000 mbar) Electrical ratings - Silver (Ag) Contact ratings - AC 10A resistive @ 120 Vac - AC 8A Inductive @ 120 Vac - DC Min 20 mA @ 48 Vdc - DC Max. 1 A @ 48 Vdc Enclosure rating - NEMA Type 4 Ambient Temperature rating - -40 F to +140 F (-40 C to +60 C) Series ending in -2, -3, -5, and -6 - -22 F to +140 F (-30 C to +60 C) Series ending in -8 Mounts directly to DMV, FRI and Flanges: use adapter (273777) for DMV downstream [port 3] Calibrated for vertical mounting, set point may change by 0.2” W.C. when mounted otherwise; Screw terminals with ½” NPT conduit connection; Neon light included. Mounting kit (2 screws and O-ring included)