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Form 6642Vb Protectofier Combustion Safeguard Flame Monitor Operates With Flame Rod And/Or P-C Ii Scanner Breaker - Lockout Switch Model Required For Automatic Lighted Installations System "Latches Out" After Failure To Light Within Ignition Trial Time Cannot Attempt Restart Until Switch Is Manually Reset Standard Ignition Trial Time Is 15 Seconds Also Available In 10-Second And 5-Second Trial Time. Features Single Burner Control Time Proven Plug-In Solid State Flame-Pak Amplifier Plug-In, Interchangeable Relays Plug-In Power Transformer Flame Rod And/Or Ultra-Violet Sensing. Independent Or Simultaneously Using Same Flame-Pak Amplifier 6642 Vb Pci, Protection Controls, Protectofier, Protectofiers, 6642Vb Protectofiers, 6642Vb Protectofier, Combustion Safeguard, Flame Monitor, Single Burner